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Path To Better Health (Plant Based Oil Free)
£ 135.00

£ 135.00 per week for 3 weeks , £98 per week for following 5 weeks


The Path to Better Health will kick-start your journey to health and happiness through a 3-8 week recipe box plan. It has been designed for the season in your life when you need to heal, reset and rejuvenate, or if you have a chronic illness and want to begin your road to recovery. 

This healing programme has been created for Eight Seasons by Marlene Watson-Tara. Marlene has worked as a Macrobiotic Teacher for decades, travelling the globe to help high profile clients discover a healthier and happier way of life. She inspires and educates the next generation through her world-renowned lectures and cookery classes.

Every recipe is packed with antioxidant-rich plant-based produce using only the finest organic ingredients.


Our basic Path to Better Health plan is a commitment of 3 weeks priced at £135 per week. After 3 weeks, the price reduces to £99 per week. We would love you to continue and feel the benefits of extending the programme to 8 weeks. However, you may cancel at any time after 3 weeks.

This is a lifestyle choice that will help you detoxify, heal and maintain good health by resetting the imbalance caused by a Western diet. During the programme, your body will learn to self-heal giving you increased vitality, enhanced physical flexibility and a more youthful appearance. 


• Choose 5 recipes each week, and we’ll send the pre-measured ingredients to create 4 portions of each recipe.

• Your first box will include a macrobiotic starter kit of 6 immune-boosting seasonings including sweet white miso, ume plum and tamari. This will last 8 weeks (worth over £60).

• Record your progress and changes each week with the complimentary Eight Seasons tracker.

• Add ons include desserts, bread, plant milk, healing drinks, fruit and snacks. A bean, grain and veg box is also available if you’d like to eat this way every day. Add ons are priced separately and can be removed at any time.


The first 100 customers will receive the following absolutely FREE

  • Mini zoom health consultation with Marlene Watson-Tara.
  • Gut-healing Ume Sho Kuzu juice recipe kit.
  • Marlene’s latest recipe book, MacroVegan.

What happens after 3 weeks?

If you decide to stay, we’ll reduce your monthly subscription to £98 per week for another 5 weeks. If you would like to start the plan again after 8 weeks, the price will remain at £98 per week.

We hope you enjoy your journey to health and happiness with Eight Seasons.