Eight Seasons - Diet Plans

Path to better health 

by Marlene Watson-Tara




Delicious expert written weight-loss, anti-aging and energy-renewing recipe boxes delivered each week.


The Path to Better Health will kick-start your journey to health and happiness through a 3 week recipe box plan. The plan is great when you need to heal, reset and rejuvenate, or if you have a chronic illness and want to begin your road to recovery.  Marlene's recipes have been used in hundreds homes to lose weight, increase vitality and improve mood-swings. 


We send you the right fuel to get back on track, and walk the path to better health. 




Week 1 we send you a special starter kit containing EIGHT macrobiotic organic immune boosting seasonings for your new way of cooking worth £62

It's easy

Just follow the recipes. No visiting  speciality health-food shops. No counting calories, no measuring ingredients

It's tasty

Enjoy the foods you love; curry, pasta and  desserts. Add organic snacks, fruit, healing drinks if you want to eat this way all week.

It's effective 

The power of nutrition! Marlene's recipes have hundreds of clients with natural weight loss,  increased energy and better moods plus reduced aches and pains.

What people are saying 

  • Carin Falkholt

     I now have the knowledge to create a wonderful healthy life for myself and my family

  • Iseult Sword

    such fabulously delicious, simple and healthy cooking without spending hours over a stove...

  • Helen King

    I feel faster, brighter and my skin looks amazing. People ask me what I have been doing.  I look younger, I feel younger and I have increased energy

  • HRH Princess Beatriz von Hohenlohe, Madrid

    I lost the excess weight, my digestive system improved beyond my expectations and my energy levels soared.

  • Mary McIntosh

    You have given me my life back. I have no sugar cravings, I don’t feel hungry, my shoulder pain has gone, my lungs have cleared up, I am sleeping again, my mood swings and hot flushes have disappeared and my skin is glowing.

  • Caisa Ruteskog

    I would recommend this to anyone who cares about wellbeing in any form, from learning to eat a balanced diet (whilst losing weight at the same time), detoxing and strengthening your body, to more severe health problems. My heartfelt thanks;

  • Jayne 1

    There has definitely been improvements in my day to day, from a little more energy, quicker recovery times from flare ups, the dark rings around my (Panda) eyes have faded, and my skin almost feels like it is glowing. My fatigue also feels more manageable.


The first 100 customers will receive the following absolutely FREE 

  • Mini zoom health consultation with Marlene Watson-Tara.
  • Marlene’s latest cookbook, GoVegan.


 Marlene has worked as a Macrobiotic Teacher for decades, travelling the globe to help high profile clients discover a healthier and happier way of life. She inspires and educates the next generation through her world-renowned lectures and cookery classes.