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Path to better health Recipe Box by Marlene Watson-Tara



This healing programme has been created for Eight Seasons by Marlene Watson-Tara. The Path to Better Health will kick-start your journey to health and happiness through a 3 week recipe box plan. It has been designed for the season in your life when you need to heal, reset and rejuvenate, or if you have a chronic illness and want to begin your road to recovery. Marlene's recipes have been used in many homes to lose weight, increase vitality and improve mood-swings. 


Customers can choose to leave the plan after three weeks or repeat it for even more benefits  



  • Each week we will send you 5 healing recipes for 4 people with all the pre-measured organic ingredients and fresh produce
  • You can add an Organic Green Beans & Grains box , Organic Fruit Box, an Organic Macrobiotic Snack Box to your orders if you wish to eat this way all week.
  • Week 1 we send you a special starter kit containing EIGHT macrobiotic organic ClearSpring immune boosting seasonings for your new way of cooking worth £62

What people are saying about Marlene's recipes 

  • Carin Falkholt

    I feel I have been given new eyes to see with, since taking this programme. I now have the knowledge to create a wonderful healthy life for myself and my family and the tools to help others to renewed health.

  • Iseult Sword

    such fabulously delicious, simple and healthy cooking without spending hours over a stove...

     I feel the huge benefits overall since following her programme

  • Helen King

    I feel faster, brighter and my skin looks amazing. People ask me what I have been doing. The most important anti-ageing foods Marlene uses are grains, beans, and vegetables. Each and every recipe tasted amazing. I look younger, I feel younger and I have increased energy

  • HRH Princess Beatriz von Hohenlohe, Madrid

    Marlene has been my Macrobiotic Health Counsellor for many years advising me on many aspects of health to keep me in tip-top condition.

    Whilst she was living and teaching in Spain, she trained my chef to cook the most healthy and delicious plant- based vegan food. I lost the excess weight, my digestive system improved beyond my expectations and my energy levels soared. I love her zest for life and joie de vie spirit. Her work is inspirational to all who meet her. I highly recommend Marlene’s programmes for whatever ails you

  • Mary McIntosh

    You have given me my life back. I have no sugar cravings, I don’t feel hungry, my shoulder pain has gone, my lungs have cleared up, I am sleeping again, my mood swings and hot flushes have disappeared and my skin is glowing.

    I am so in love with being back in my kitchen creating the really quick and simple soups and meals. I can’t thank you enough for creating this easy-to-follow routine. It is not a diet, but a nutritionally sound way of eating. I am so delighted and feel excited and happy about the amount of energy I now have at the end of a busy and stressful working week. Amazing

  • Caisa Ruteskog

    For the first time in my life, I actually understand WHY the body needs the food it needs, and how we can stabilise and even reverse disease with diet and exercise alone!

    I would recommend this to anyone who cares about wellbeing in any form, from learning to eat a balanced diet (whilst losing weight at the same time), detoxing and strengthening your body, to more severe health problems. My heartfelt thanks; I feel so empowered and immensely inspired to go out and support others to learn about the healing properties of a plant-based whole-food diet


The first 100 customers will receive the following absolutely FREE (worth over £270)

  • Mini zoom health consultation with Marlene Watson-Tara.
  • Gut-healing Ume Sho Kuzu drink recipe kit.
  • Marlene’s latest cookbook, GoVegan.


 Marlene has worked as a Macrobiotic Teacher for decades, travelling the globe to help high profile clients discover a healthier and happier way of life. She inspires and educates the next generation through her world-renowned lectures and cookery classes.