Eight Seasons - Sustainability

Sustainability Statement 

When I started this business in 2016, my mission was to supply fresh, organic and sustainably sourced plant-based food to our customers in order to help them lead healthier balanced lives, whilst also lessening their impact on the environment. All recipe boxes contain beautiful fresh organic ingredients and there’s nothing we put in the boxes which I wouldn’t feed our own children. 


Four years later, I’m still just as committed to this mission and believe in the transformational health benefits of following a plant based diet and eating the way nature intended. At Eight Seasons we’re not just trying to be another recipe box company, we’re trying to educate people to eat well and improve their health and wellbeing, and enjoy the benefits that a plant based lifestyle can bring.


I’m a strong believer that home cooked food is therapeutic for the soul and families who eat together around a table are a stronger family unit and helps cure any family tension. We still have a long way to go to achieve our goals, but once we’ve achieved B Corp certification I’m confident that we’ll move on to be the leading sustainable recipe box company in the UK.

Maxine Duncan – CEO & Founder

Single Use Plastic / Packaging

One of the biggest challenges we face is trying to eliminate single-use plastic from our supply chain and recipe boxes. This has proven difficult as plastic is an excellent way of helping preserve and keep food fresh and often has a lower carbon footprint than other packaging alternatives such as glass and tins. But as we know too well, if plastic is not disposed of correctly it can end up in our rivers and oceans. That’s why we’re working closely with our suppliers to remove single use plastics from our recipe boxes and source suitable greener alternatives.

We’re also working on a packaging returns scheme, to allow any single-use plastics and recyclable packaging used within our recipe boxes to be returned directly to us, or to our suppliers so that the products can be to be recycled and reprocessed in a ‘closed loop’ system.


2020/21 Target

-        Work with our suppliers to remove all single use plastic from recipe boxes and source suitable greener packaging.

-        Create a ‘closed loop’ returns scheme for customers to return packaging so it can be recycled.



At Eight Seasons we only use the freshest organic produce within our recipe boxes and try to source as much as possible locally and from within the UK. Given that our recipes are inspired from global influences, a significant amount of food we purchased will be imported, but we always ensure these products are sustainably sourced and are certified Fairtrade, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance etc.


2020/21 Target

-        Suppliers encouraged to use electric vehicles for deliveries

-        Source UK based alternatives for items such as quinoa, exotic fruit and vegetables.


Food Waste

Food waste is a huge global issue with around a third of all food produced globally ending up as food waste. This issue is made even worse when you realise that over 820 million people are currently going hungry in the world today.

Recipe boxes are an excellent way of managing and reducing food waste, as recipes are correctly weighed and portioned out to allow minimal waste. However, food waste can and does occur due to over-ordering and issues with the quality of food supplied. To ensure good food is never wasted, we’re currently in the process of teaming up with local charities to allow us to donate any surplus food to good causes


2020/21 Target

-        Create partnership with a charity to donate any surplus food on a weekly basis

-        Undertake fundraising activities to raise money for partnered charities


Health & the Community

Eight Seasons have partnered with a number of leading health professionals to develop health plans and recipes to support with long term health conditions and diseases such as diabetes, obesity and mental health disorders. We only partner with health professionals who share our own beliefs and who promote and adopt a plant based lifestyle. These health plans will help our customers lead healthier lives, whilst supporting them to manage and overcome their conditions and illnesses through eating.

We’re also looking at partnering with local schools and academies in the community to educate children on healthy living and undertaking plant-based cooking classes using the fresh produce the children have grown. This will be a fantastic way to not only showcase plant based cooking, but to also educate children on the importance of healthy eating and how simple it can be to cook tasty, healthy food.


2020/21 Target

-        Partner with local schools and academies to promote healthy plant based cooking using the fresh produce grown by the schools.